Michiel van der Zanden

Michiel van der Zanden is fascinated by the visual language of videogames and 3D graphics. He looks at digital imagery through the eyes of a painter. In the combination of artificiality and realism, he sees a lot of similarities in the way artists have been creating illusions for centuries. And he isn’t just fascinated by games and graphics; it’s also the much broader human need to recreate all possible daily life phenomena. This can be found in children’s toys and amusement parks, model making and advertising.

In this marriage of realistic painting and computer generated imagery, Michiel van der Zanden’s work is characterized by a constant interaction between the real and virtual world, between classical painting and the new age of digital imaging. This results in paintings that look like they’ve walked out of a computer program, as well as overly synthetic sculptures and software-based videos. Michiel van der Zanden works and lives in Breda.